Life Solutions Specialist and
Finfit Life Movement Advocate 


Enjoy life with peace of mind,

let's bridge the gap

between Health

and Finance

  • Do you want to get paid and rewarded to stay healthy?
  • Are you ready to retire in longevity without outliving your income?
  • What if company benefits and health insurance are not enough?
  • All these concerns and more, we got you covered.

Alpha Life is an independent Life Insurance broker and a dedicated FinFit Life life solution strategist, licensed and doing business in many states, specializing in customizing your financial needs and health goals. Life happens - when, why, and how are all uncertainties.

Alpha Life can show you your options to face life's uncertainties. But above all, the goal is to inspire and empower you to build wealth while taking care of your health and creating a lifestyle you can enjoy with peace of mind.


The Bridges We've Built

MJ Garcia
Oct 2018

Working with Amy Quijano has been a wonderful experience. She was with me every step of the insurance process. She helped us to choose the right plan for our age and budget. I especially appreciate her quick response. Her knowledge and customer service is exemplary. Now, I am happily insured.

Odessa Blanza
Nov 2021

I've known Amy for almost four months now. She was assigned to be my CFT when I joined PFA. She is an excellent influencer and dedicated mentor who always supports the team through sharing her knowledge. She is very inspirational, driven, and talented. I love working with her and I will be forever grateful. Looking forward to more collaborations with her.

Rocky Marte
Aug 2021

Securing my retirement has not been an easy task, and finding the best people to inquire with is just as tricky. Amy Quijano made the entire experience simple and straightforward. She was knowledgeable in her field and patient with all the questions I had. If all the agents/producers were half as helpful as Amy, you wouldn't fret about securing your retirement

Ephiram Dimabuyu
March 2017

Amy is one of a kind life solution specialist. Aside from being knowledgeable on the products, I commend her on her work ethic and commitment to serve her clients with the highest integrity.

Ellen Foronda
Aug 2020

My agent Amy Pates Quijano is the BEST! She's professional and a pleasure to deal with . She's awesome in finding the coverage that is affordable to my future needs. Always has the answer for me and is quick to respond to my e-mails and phone calls. So happy to have her and highly recommended to my family, friends, and acquaintances.

My Story

As an immigrant, coming to America in 2005, finance was never a consideration in my career. I prioritized working hard and surviving, as most immigrants do. My bachelor's degree in Medical Technology meant that working in a clinical laboratory was my most plausible option to put food on the table.  Little did I know that lacking financial literacy in the US would tremendously hurt my family and me.  

I believe many can relate to falling into the practice of simply following non-professional advice, going with what is popular and common, or what many had done without proper knowledge of what those financial decisions meant. I learned my lesson the hard way with the economic downturn of 2008 followed by poor financial investment in 2010, and in 2015, when my father, after a long battle, succumbed to cancer. I had realized late that the comprehensive living benefits that I had ignored could have helped me in my time of adversity. Before then, I had not gone through the effort of thoroughly understanding how it all financially worked here in the US - the market fluctuations, the tax implications, and the cost of health care, real estate, insurances and retirement options.

This great lesson led me to pursue a career in the financial industry. The loss of both my life anchor and my retirement fund led me to crave for knowledge and understanding on how this industry functions. As I got into the field, meeting many families, I became a first hand witness that many are just like me-unaware of the basic financial concepts of saving and investing money. I have also  witnessed how their behaviors have lead to experiencing poor health whether in their early and later years and it had burden the family's finances tremendously. It had since then become a mission to educate, inform and give people solutions on how to have peace of mind despite challenging times and how to improve their behaviors and help them live healthier, happier and longer. 

Caring, teaching, planning, and protecting others is now a passion and a mission where I want to leave a legacy; I want to be a pillar in many households and offer guidance in how they can change the trajectory of their financial future.

And your trust in me is my utmost priority.

Interested in Creating an Impact?

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ALPHA-Alliance of Leaders in Pursuit of Heroic Advocacy. Become an advocate and an agent of change by creating and adding value, making a difference in your community. Be a better version of yourself through our process of leadership and personal development. Be the business owner you always knew you could be, and run your own business utilizing our network of knowledgeable and skilled agents.

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