Planning, and Protecting.

Let's help you build your family's foundation for generations to come and celebrate life.

Who is FinFitLife & What is our Movement?

Why Life Solutions Matter

  • 1 in 3 Americans have $0 saved for retirement
  • 48% of businesses fails due to a critical illness
  • 50% of forclosures are due to a medical illness
  • 60%+ of all bankruptcies are directly tied to medical conditions and around 80% were already “covered” with Health Insurance

Be Prepared

Death Benefits to help the family get through life

65% of consumers with life insurance say that they area able to enjoy life more knowing their loved ones are financially protected with life insurance

Since health is never guaranteed, be prepared for the what ifs

  • loss of income
  • tapping prematurely into savings and retirement funds
  • bankruptcy and foreclosures
  • elevated stress caused by financial burdens

Make your money work for you

  • Never lose money in market downturns
  • Create guaranteed income for life
  • Fund education, hobbies, business, home purchase, and long-term vacations
  • Earn from the money you've already spent
  • Gain tax advantages, feel safe, and be protected

Ways Alpha Life Can Help You

Life Insurance with Living Benefits and Rewards YOU to Stay Healthy

Term, Whole Life, Index Universal Life


Final Expense


401K, IRA, and Other Company Sponsored Plan Roll Over


Business Plan, and Wealth Building Strategies

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Retirement Plans

For individuals, and small business owners and employees

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College Funding Options

Tax Advantaged Retirement Plans

Life Insurance Designed for
People with Diabetes

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